Adapt It Translation Software

A software tool for speeding the work of Bible Translation in the world's minority languages

View an Adapt It Tutorial for a more detailed feel for how Adapt It works.

Adapt It at work. This screen shot shows the adaptation of the Gospel of Mark using Lindrou
as the source language and Sori-Harengan (another Manus language that has no Bible) as the target language.

Adapt It is free, open-source, software available to anyone who wants to download and use it. It can be downloaded from the following website:

I (Bill) work as the lead programmer in the Adapt It software project. The Adapt It team continues to develop the software and releases new updates several times per year (see the website above). We keep busy with bug fixes and providing customer support to Adapt It users. Our development team is currently working on a version of Adapt It called Adapt It Mobile that will work on touch-enabled tablet computers and mobile devices.

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