Jason and Anne - Big Events of 2010


Jason in a "rush" to see Anne thousands of feet below!
(little did she know what the outcome would be when she helped raise funds for this event!)


The breathless proposal in April 2010


June 11th - LeTourneau dorm buddies and friends prepare Jason for their traditional
pre-wedding duct-tape-the-guy-to-the-flagpole-and-cover-him-with-shaving-cream ritual


The bride-to-be comes to the rescue!


June 12th - Time for the vows


Rebecca Ward, Dara Robbins, Sara Jo Eversole, Anne, Jason, Rick Harman, Joel Martin & Luke Maclean



Martin family - Joel, Rebecca, Anne, Jason, Lenore and Bill


Bride Price - a PNG tradition in which the groom's family gives a large wedding gift
to the groom's family - usually consisting of live pigs, which are highly valued in PNG cultures.
These were the pigs that the Martin family gave to the Steffens family at the reception.


Jason prepares to toss a pig back over his shoulder to the young single men
(the catcher gets a good start on his own future bride price)


Cupcake wedding cake


Ready to roll


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