Adapt It in Sound Bites

Listen to broadcasts that feature the role of Adapt It in Advancing Bible Translation Work

Prime Time America - New Approaches being used by Wycliffe - Broadcast June 2nd 2009 8 minutes MP3 Copyright (c)2009, Moody Bible Institute.

Speeding the Word (Radio Broadcast) Bill and Lenore Martin interviewed by Arthur Lightbody at the JAARS Center -
    Part 1 Bill tells about working with the Nyindrou people and language and how local people got involved in the translation. - Broadcast March 5, 2006 MP3 Copyright (c)2005 JAARS Inc.
    Part 2 Bill tells how Nyindrou national Joe learned to read his own language overnight so he could read Scripture and tell others the Good News. Bill and Lenore tell how a basic translation software program called Adapt It is speeding up Bible translation. - Broadcast March 12, 2006 MP3 Copyright (c)2005 JAARS Inc.

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