Our Calling

Bill: I made my first real profession of Faith in Christ in 1961 at the age of 15, while attending a Baptist Church in Bellflower, California. However, I did not really understand the nature of Christian commitment until I began diligently reading and studying God's Word during my third year of College in 1968. At that time I gave my life unreservedly to the Lord for his service. His Word worked so effectively in my life that I have made it my occupation to help others commit their lives to Him through Bible translation. Why Bible Translation?. When I learned that there are hundreds of millions of people who do not even have a single verse of God's Word in their own heart language, I thought, "How can they really come to know God and grow in Christ without his word translated in their own language?" In 1980 the Lord led me to go to Papua New Guinea in order to help provide His Word for people of that nation who do not yet have it in their own mother tongue.

Lenore: When I was 13 I trusted the Lord as my savior at Hume Lake Summer Camp. In 1971 Bill and I were married and, after spending 2 years in Germany where Bill was a Weather Observer in the U.S. Air Force, we had the desire to serve the Lord in a cross-cultural situation. In 1980 we arrived in Papua New Guinea, and have been working among the Lindrou people on Manus Island since that time (see Maps).

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