Jason's Page


Allfours (9102 bytes)
Jason crab walking at 9 months old


Jason and Lorikeet (9608 bytes)
Jason at about age 2. "The koki wants some food too."


Village game (14019 bytes)
Playing a Lindrou game with Bernard and Timothy


Off to Ukarumpa International School (15837 bytes)
Off to Ukarumpa International School


Getting some "air" at the BMX track


On the drums (17151 bytes)
Percussion accompaniment to
"You're a good man Charlie Brown"


Drum Major (10007 bytes)
Drum major for the UIS marching band 1997


Jase on the traditional drums (17357 bytes)
Jason beating the traditional drums


Cool hair (13742 bytes)


Contemplation (13069 bytes)


Jason and friends (19969 bytes)
Friends  - made in PNG!


Jason at Tyler hall (13757 bytes)
at Tyler Hall, LeTourneau University


May I help you?!
at the computer help desk at the International
Linguistics Center in Dallas, TX

Have you seen my really big events of 2010?

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