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The Martin's prayer needs fall into three types:

Urgent   - Crisis situations not likely to be known to most of our prayer partners
Specific - Applicable to our particular ministry situation at a given time
General - 7 Prayer Tools as expressed by the Apostle Paul and applicable to all Christian workers

Urgent Prayer Needs

Any urgent prayer requests for the Martins are posted below between the red lines:

No urgent requests at this time.

Urgent needs come up from time to time that may be so urgent that we would not have opportunity to even let them be known to most or all of our prayer partners. For this type of prayer need we rely on our partners who are sensitive to the leading of God's Spirit in their regular prayer times for us. We cannot anticipate when crisis time will happen, although we surely know that they will and do happen! These needs can be:

Health crises - tropical diseases can strike and lead to a medical crisis at any time, even when we are in the USA on furlough. Here are personal examples of  health crises we have experienced...
Accidents - by definition accidents happen without warning. Here are personal examples of accidents we have experienced...
Near misses - Accidents narrowly avoided. Here are personal examples of near misses we have experienced...
Other crisis situations - Here are personal examples of other crisis situations we have experienced...

Specific Prayer Needs for the Martins

In addition to any urgent and our general prayer needs indicated above, we also have specific prayer needs that are applicable to our particular ministry situation at the present time.

Our specific prayer needs are listed below between the blue lines:

Prayer Needs as of July 2015:

1. Pray for continued good reports in Lenore's CT-Scans. The next one is due in late September 2015.

2. Pray for both of our son’s families. Pray for our grand children that they will early come to know and love the Lord Jesus. Joel and Rebecca's children are Mari (3), Sam (2) and Lily (1). Jason and Anne's children are Torin (3), Kaya (2), and Jachin (1).

3. Pray for wisdom as we determine how best to improve Satellite communications between the Manus national translators and advisors and consultants residing remotely. This technology is changing rapidly and it is challenging to determine the best technology for the short and long term. Ideally the technology should allow us to video conference with Manus national translators from a central location near Lorengau town on Manus Island.

4. Pray for the Lord to supply additional prayer and financial partners in such a way that we can proclaim (as Paul did) with confidence that “You will be enriched in every way to be generous in every way, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God.” (2 Cor. 9:11).

5. Pray for the wisdom we need to make strategic decisions about how best to provide software tools for translators who will be utilizing mobile computing devices in the future world of Bible translation.

6. Pray that Charles will be able to visit and encourage the Manus national translators who received training in the use of Adapt It and Paratext in 2013, and prepare for the first formal Translators Training Course (TTC1) to be held in August - September 2016.

7. Pray that we will be adequately prepared to go to PNG/Manus Island in August - September of 2016 to help staff the first formal Translators Training Course to be held there. Pray for good health and protection from malaria and other tropical diseases for Lenore and I and for all participating in the upcoming course.

8. Pray also for the others on the Adapt It team (Bruce Waters, Graeme Costin, Erik Brommers, Bob Buss and Kevin Bradford), that they will maintain their priorities to the Lord, to family and to their daily work and relationships.

Note: Be sure to keep us informed of your current e-mail address, especially if you would like to be notified of urgent prayer needs.

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