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The Martin's prayer needs fall into three types:

Urgent   - Crisis situations not likely to be known to most of our prayer partners
Specific - Applicable to our particular ministry situation at a given time
General - 7 Prayer Tools as expressed by the Apostle Paul and applicable to all Christian workers

Urgent Prayer Needs

Any urgent prayer requests for the Martins are posted below between the red lines:

No urgent requests at this time.

Urgent needs come up from time to time that may be so urgent that we would not have opportunity to even let them be known to most or all of our prayer partners. For this type of prayer need we rely on our partners who are sensitive to the leading of God's Spirit in their regular prayer times for us. We cannot anticipate when crisis time will happen, although we surely know that they will and do happen! These needs can be:

Health crises - tropical diseases can strike and lead to a medical crisis at any time, even when we are in the USA on furlough. Here are personal examples of  health crises we have experienced...
Accidents - by definition accidents happen without warning. Here are personal examples of accidents we have experienced...
Near misses - Accidents narrowly avoided. Here are personal examples of near misses we have experienced...
Other crisis situations - Here are personal examples of other crisis situations we have experienced...

Specific Prayer Needs for the Martins

In addition to any urgent and our general prayer needs indicated above, we also have specific prayer needs that are applicable to our particular ministry situation at the present time.

Our specific prayer needs are listed below between the blue lines:

Prayer Needs as of October 2020:

1. Pray for the Lordís mighty hand of deliverance in the current pandemic, that He might heal those who are suffering, and draw many to an intimate relationship with Him.

2. Pray that we would be sensitive to the spiritual needs of others, especially those who are realizing Ė some for the first time Ė their need for the Savior.

3. Pray for the translation teams working around the world, that they would bear much fruit and make good progress in translating the Bible.

4. Pray for the logistics of getting the equipment Charles and the others would need for their work at the envisioned sub-regional center. Pray for better Internet connections that would make it possible for us to help provide the needed training and consultation remotely from the USA.

5. Pray for both of our sonís families. Pray for our grand children that they will early come to know and love the Lord Jesus. Joel and Rebecca's children are Mari (9), Sam (7) and Lily (6). Jason and Anne's children are Torin (9), Kaya (76), Jachin (5), Caellum (4), and Saoirse (18 months). Pray for the safe arrival of grandchild number nine to Jason and Anne in early December 2020.

6. Pray for wisdom to be good and Godly grandparents to our eight grandchildren.

Note: Be sure to keep us informed of your current e-mail address, especially if you would like to be notified of urgent prayer needs.

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