Prayer Letter Archives of Bill and Lenore Martin

Extracts from past prayer letters (see also current news letter)

August 2015 (Drought, Floods, and Drought Again, Adapt It developments, The aftermath of Jason's rattlesnake bite, Lily Martin turns 1, Translation work continues in PNG and on Manus Island)
April 2015 (Easter Celebrations with Family, Adapt It developments - the old and the new, Health Reports, New Boat and Motor Funded for Charles' Translation Coordination work on Manus)
December 2014 (Update on Jason's recovery from rattlesnake bite, Welcome to Jachin Timothy Martin our 6th grandchild, Health Reports All Good, Rebecca recovering well from spine surgery, New Boat and Motor Needed for Charles' Translation Coordination work on Manus)
September 2014 (Son Jason bit by rattle snake, Health reports, Welcome to Lily Martin another grandchild due in November, Rebecca Martin to have spine surgery, Travel to Northern and Eastern USA completed)
April 2014 (Health reports, Family News, Work shifts to Adapt It Mobile, Solar systems and printers finally make it to Manus Island, Possible travel to Northern and Eastern USA, He is risen!)
December 2013 (Family News and Pictures, Adapt It Reports, Solar Systems and Printers Delayed, May you be truly blessed!)
August 2013 (Training workshop in PNG a success, Financial update, Family News, Adapt It developments, More pictures)
July 2013 (Email sent from PNG about the workshop and Peter's conversion)
April 2013 (Plans now set for visit to PNG, Family news, Our health screenings, Adapt It developments, Grandkid pictures)
December 2012 (Our next visit to PNG, Our quiver of grandkids is expanding!, Pictures, Our health screenings, Adapt It developments)
September 2012 (Lenore's 1-year health screening - clear, Adapt It gets new focus, They grow up so fast!, 65 and going strong, Our next visit to PNG?)
June 2012 (Vacation connections in Orlando, Lenore's CT scan clear, More grandkid fun & family pictures)
February 2012 (Lenore's health improving, Grandkid fun, future of Adapt It development, Nyindrou news)
Christmas Greeting 2011 (New life, continuing life, and eternal life)
Thanksgiving 2011 (Lenore's thanksgiving letter, chemo finished, family, the body of Christ)
October 2011 (First grandkids arrive, Lenore cancer free, Adapt It v6 released, photo gallery 2011)
April 2011 (Lenore's cancer surgery, family news, Manus spared from tsunami, Adapt It v6, PD Update)
December 2010 (Nyindrou Advance report, Adapt It version 6, Partnership Development update)
July 2010 (Wedding Day - June 12th 2010! Jason & Anne; Bride Price!, Nyindrou Advance funding update)
April 2010 (God's Provision: round two; Partnership Development update, Jason and Anne, Rebecca to Africa, Nyindrou Advance in brief)
February 2010 (God's Provision: round two; Partnership Development update, Jason and Anne, Nyindrou Advance in brief)
July 2009 (We're Full-time on Partnership Development, Adapt It developments, God's bountiful provision)
April 2009 (Family Holiday Cruise, Adapt It developments, Starting a Vegetable Garden, Update on our financial situation)
December 2008 (Computer Technical Conference- CTC08, Modern day Pilgrim, Adapt It developments, Update on our financial situation)
August 2008 (Whole family now in Texas, Mission minded kids, Adapt It developments, Update on our financial situation)
January 2008 (Last half of 2007 - a real Whirlwind, Adapt It is now being tested on the XO low power computer, Back in Texas, Other Adapt It developments, Update on our financial situation, picture page)
July 2007 (We're on our way to Australia and PNG!, Adapt It featured in Rev7, Low Power Translation Kits Ready to Ship to PNG, Adapt It developments, Update on our financial situation)
April 2007 (We leave for PNG July 18th!, Adapt It development continues, Wonderful help from JAARS, What is Rev7?, Update on our financial situation)
October 2006 (Lenore's tutoring resumes, Adapt It development milestone, Why supply Adapt It on "low power" computers?, Update on our financial situation, Visiting Papua New Guinea in 2007)
June 2006 (Lenore's Tutoring, Adapt It and the Bantu Initiative, Update on our financial situation, Possible visit to Papua New Guinea, Discovering the South - Thomasville GA, Orlando FL, and Sumter SC)
September 2005 (We had a great trip to the West Coast, Martins on the move!, Update on our financial situation, Adapt It developments)
June 2005 (Our August Travel to the West Coast, Joel and Rebecca's missions trip to Haiti cancelled, Jason to get Foreign Service Exam results in July, Update on our Financial Situation, Advocates Needed, Adapt It developments)
March 2005 (Lenore Graduates!, Jason to take Foreign Service Exam again this April, Moving Ahead with Bill and Lenore Martin - a DVD,  Our Financial Support Situation, Travel Planning, Adapt It developments)
November 2004 (Feedback appreciated, Adapt It developments, Joel & Rebecca in Texas for Thanksgiving, Jason's statistics - no Foreign Service this year, Translation with dancing)
June 2004 (Feedback desired, Jason working at computer help desk, Adapt It making impact, Joel & Rebecca setting sights on mission field, An example of commitment)
November 2003 (Study programs going well, Jason looking for work, What is Adapt It? Thanksgiving season)
May 2003 (Jason's graduation, Study programs continue in Fall, Thanks for Partners)
February 2003 (New years together, Martins continue studies, Jason's upcoming grad., Joel & Rebecca exploring missions possibilities)
October 2002 (Special photo edition covering the dedication of the Lindrou New Testament)
June 2002 (Martins on way to PNG, Spring classes a success, Dedication plans moving ahead)
March 2002 (Martins on furlough, study programs started, career counseling, Lindrou NTs on site for dedication, "closing the chapter")
July 2001 (30th anniversary, Furlough plans, Lenore's Study Program, Adapt It, Lenore's Health, Lindrou NT printed)
April 2001 (Jason's accident, Joel & Rebecca's future house, Health concern, NT dedication date change, Typesetting completed)
December 2000 (Lots of people praying, Family News, Dedication date set, Consultant checking completed, Lenore's Corner, Reading Contests)
July 2000 (Jason visiting PNG, Joel & Rebecca relocate to NH-celebrate 1st anniversary, Lindrou people to set New Testament Dedication Date, Team to consultant check last 30% of NT in Aug-Sep, Special projects)
March 2000 (Medical trip becomes 100% holiday, Y2K in PNG, 26% of NT to be checked, Vision 2025, The Bible League to fund Lindrou NT, Joe's Story)
November 1999 (Charles out of Hospital, Member Care, Progress in Y2K, Empty Nest, STEP Grads)
August 1999 (Partnership goals reached, visas & tickets in hand, Jason back to LeTourneau, Joel and Rebecca move back to Indiana)
July 1999 (Joel & Rebecca tie knot, Jason working, 1st draft nears completion, Awaiting PNG visas, 87%!!)
May 1999 (Joel walks in Grad., Family plans, Member Care Seminar, Visit Martin Web Site! 70%!)
March 1999 (Calif. trip, Manus Nat. Trans. Retreat, Lenore's bout with malaria & flu, Still at 65%)
January 1999 (Joel & Rebecca to wed in June, Jason on Dean's List, Support level at 65%)
November 1998 (Report of Partnership development progress, Charles' trials)
October 1998 (Martins request prayer for partnership development plan)
June 1998 (Celebrating Jason, Graduation banquet, Photos, LeTourneau University bound)
February 1998 (Drought eases, Joel & Rebecca visit PNG, Jason drumming in village)
Nov-Dec 1997 (PNG drought, Joel in Egypt, Soul Purpose, Jason drum major)
July 1997 (BMXer's knock on head, Hamming it up, Joel to Egypt, NT progress)
March 1997 (Bill's Mom passes away, Bill in USA, Charles' trials on high seas)
December 1996 (Back to PNG, Computer crash, Communications breakdown, Catch-up)
June 1996 (Further, partnership update)
April 1996 (Partnership update and financial report)
February 1996 (Theme: Hearts, Home is where the heart is, Heart language, Food for the heart)
September 1995 (Crickets, Joel off to Taylor, TW CD-Rom, Half empty nest, Stamps)
May 1995 (Joel graduating, Glimpses of Joel's life [photos to be scanned and posted later]
January 1995 (Free calls, Furlough countdown, National Trans Support, Ham Radio, New E-mail)
November 1994 (Land of the unexpected, 6-month tooth ache, Which University?, New DATA)
May 1994 ("I Remember Mama" Play, BMX & Band, Lenore tutoring English, Translation)
December 1993 (Joel learns to drive, Charles to complete training before our furlough)
August 1993 (Charles Kowak joins the team, trains at first NTC course)
May 1993 (Edmund Fabian's death and other sad things)
March 1993 (Lenore's Mom passes away, Lenore in USA)
October 1992 (Theme: Unique Things, Commandments, Cultures, Children, Pets, Hobbies)
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